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Medical Tourism
In Middle East

Oman is a scenic Arab country located on the Persian Gulf and home to an embracing society with a rich cultural heritage. It’s a country of sprawling souks, dazzling architectural edifices, pride in its ancient frankincense trading history, and a brilliant future in its highly-educated youth. Oman is also a popular medical tourism destination and home to some of the best medical professionals, offering a variety of pocket-friendly treatments.

Badr Al Samaa now makes it possible for its esteemed patients to access world-class treatments in Oman.

Medical Tourism Services

It provides seamless and affordable medical expertise and helps international patients access the best doctors and hospitals across Oman. We take care of all the operational hassles so the patient doesn’t have to worry about making travel arrangements.


The company also takes care of procuring visa for the patient and the accompanying relatives..


The company assists the patient in booking the most convenient flights and conveyance to and from the airports..


Your accommodation and dietary needs can also be arranged as per your requirements.

Oman overall has great animal and plant biodiversity because it has mountains, desert, coastal areas and rich coral reefs.
- Saadi

Medical tourism in Oman
Medical TourismIn Oman

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Availing seamless and affordable quality treatment by renowned healthcare professionals keeps our foreign patients glad they chose India.

MS. Michelle Smith

MS. Michelle Smith

MS. Michelle Smith

MS. Michelle Smith

MS. Michelle Smith

MS. Michelle Smith

MS. Michelle Smith

MS. Michelle Smith

MS. Michelle Smith